Ana e Devendra, o amor

Conta assim:
"Love stories, they will never end or never begin. Here is one story, that will make us feel like there actually are miracles. The story between Ana Kraš and Devendra Bernhart. Ana is a photographer and furniture designer and her prince, Devendra is artist and musician. In the winter of 2011, Ana flew from her home in Belgrade, Serbia, to Los Angeles, where she’d been sent by European magazine to photograph Devendra. Within five minutes, he asked her to marry him. She stayed and since then, the two have been together ever since. What a true romance story that makes us all cry and feel that anything beautiful can happen here on this planet."

E a Ana diz: “I was asked to take his picture. When I got to his house, I just stayed. I never left.”

Visto aqui e aqui.
E corações, muitos corações.

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